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Location of Sessions

Assessments will generally be offered for children in your child’s school or at my practice, for adults at my home. So that you or your child can be assessed and observed in familiar and relaxed surroundings. You are asked to collect your child at the end of the session.

For schools, I would ask that you provide a quiet environment, free from distraction (e.g. interruptions, other pupils, noise levels) where possible. It is also expected that a member of the teaching staff if the session is taking place in school will collect your child after the session.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of arranging sessions elsewhere, please contact me by email or telephone.

Geographic Area

I work in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Parts of Sussex & Kent

Working Hours

I usually provide sessions between Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri 9am till 8pm, with the last appointment starting no later than 6pm for children and 8pm for adults. If you wish to discuss the possibility of arranging sessions outside these hours, please contact me by email or telephone.

Role of the Parent / Carer / Teacher

During a child’s therapy, I may provide tasks for you to carry out with your child for short times between therapy sessions. Completion of these tasks is as important as the therapy sessions themselves, and regular home and school or college support usually results in more positive outcomes.

It is, therefore, essential that you commit to attend all the agreed therapy sessions where possible, to ensure that an adult consistently collects your child, and to carry out the tasks provided and modelled by me.

What to expect

Following our first contact, often by phone or email, or face to face interview in schools. I will carry out an assessment of your child’s skills through discussion with you, playing with/observing your child and sometimes more formal assessment, using Goodman’s strength & difficulties assessment tool. This is usually carried out in your own home (or your child’s school) so that you and your child are most at ease.

By the following week, I will discuss my findings and recommendations with you. Following this I will write a report and, with your consent, will send this to other relevant professionals involved with your child.

If therapy is recommended I will arrange this with you. Again this can be carried out if talking counselling in my home or if play therapy at the child’s school and Therapy may be weekly, fortnightly, depending upon need of the child. The time interval will be based on the child’s or adults needs. I will review the therapy intervention with the client and use Goodman’s SDQ every six sessions.

I accept referrals from a range of people including Parents/Carers, Health Visitors, NHS, Doctors and Educational Staff. Please note that if you are not the child’s parent / carer you will need to obtain their permission before I am able to see the child.

Play Therapy

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